Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Conquering the Heat

I thought since the title of my virtual 5K is "Beat the Heat", then I would give you a few tips that I have been reading about the past couple of days to help be more aware of running in the summer months. For those of you that have beautiful 65 or 70 degree weather I am extremely jealous, but these can still help you. Here in Southeast Texas the weather usually ranges from 85 to 104 degrees. I think the hottest I have ever seen is 105 degrees. Crazy temperatures, right?

If you have not gotten your race bib yet, then make sure you get them HERE

First thing is first:

1.  STAY HYDRATED!!!!! Yes, that is right, drink lots and lots of water before you run, while you are running (if you can) and after you run.
I used to not drink that much water and would go run, but I soon learned that you can not do that. I felt the beginning effects of a heat stroke such as dizziness, blurred vision, overheating and fatigue after I did a 3 mile run one day. It was not fun at all and I could barley make it home.

(These next few tips are some that I have read through Runners World on several different issues they have been doing lately. Some of these particular tips come from in his 2009 article, "Beat the Heat; Simple steps to make the most of summer running."

2. Get up EARLY (if possible)
One of the best times to run is in the morning before the sun comes up. It may be a little more humid, but it will still be the coolest point of the day.

3. Water Wicking Clothes
Water wicking clothes are great for summer months because they wick away the moisture that is on your body and this helps to keep you cool.

Picture Right: 
Correct running apparel:  It is all water wicking, running skirt, C9 sweat wicking shirt and same thing with the bra underneath. 
Picture Left: 
Half correct and half not: Shorts (any kind), and a cotton t-shirt (big no no). Most cotton material is not sweat wicking and will allow the sweat to hang on you and make you hotter vs. cooler during the hot days. 
4. Wearing a Visor/hat/sunglasses
Wearing a visor or hat keeps the sun off of your face and keeps the sweat out of your eyes.

5. Cool Off
On very hot days, run for 15 minutes, then hose yourself off, run through the sprinklers or jump in a pool for three to five minutes. Repeat this as necessary.
            *Today Brian and I ran for 30 minutes in a very shaded area, kept water with us and then after we ran we jumped in my brother and sister-in-laws pool for a swim. It helped keep us cool and it felt great!

We went swimming after we finished our run and it felt GREAT!!!! 
We even taught my niece a little cheerleading. haha

6. Walk More
Do not try to over exert yourself. If you are feeling weak or tired, stop for 2-3 minutes and walk and then start running again. Keep doing this as long as you need to until you feel okay. It is okay to walk, especially during these hot summer months!

7. Substitute Running with other exercises
You do not have to just run. You can go out and play basketball, volleyball, swimming, biking, mountain climbing, etc. Whatever you like to do that gets you out of the house and active, then that is okay to do. Carry plenty of water with you and stay hydrated as you do these activities.

Other exercise such as Frisbee Golf
Last, but not least....

8. HAVE FUN!!!!
Go out and have a great time. Run with friends or by yourself. It does not matter as long as you are having fun. Running shouldn't be a chore. Enjoy it and let's all Beat the Heat together this summer!

Here are a few pictures of Brian and I beating the heat today.   

Had a great day swimming after our hot run!
Question: What do you do to Beat the Heat?
I drink plenty of water and go swimming as often as I can.

Brian and I right after our run.

My niece and I hanging out in the pool!


Alyssa Gaalema said...

You look so fantastic, Kayla! I want to run a race with you when I get back. Maybe something in Dallas!

Kayla said...

Aww you are so sweet Alyssa!! I miss you like CRAZY!!! I can not wait until you get back! And, I would love to run a race with you. There are quite a few in Dallas that I have looked at.

Laura said...

Great post! :) It has been SO hot here, I feel your pain. It's miserable!

I'm really bad about wearing cotton t-shirts. lol. I'm cheap!

I used to get up early in the morning and run before work back when I worked at 9am instead of 8am. Now it just seems to hard to get out of bed on time to run and then get myself and the dogs together before I have to leave, but I may have to start trying again lol.

Kayla said...

Thanks Laura. I understand buying cheap. Most of my running clothes I have gotten on sale if not all! haha
I usually do not get up in the morning unless I have too, but I love to run in the evening!!!

~K~ said...

This stinks..but i may be your first virtual 5ker having to withdraw from the race. I've never missed ANY (virtual or real) race I've signed up for, but something isn't right with my back...I'm on Day #5 of it bothering! I can use an exercise bike, but i'm guessing they're not allowed on your race course?! ;-) So sorry...and bummed...mostly because i MISS RUNNING!!!

Kayla said...

~K~ You can use your exercise bike. That is just fine! As long as you do 3 miles, you are good to go! You can bike, walk, or run it. Whatever is easiest for you to do. I have to take a lot of time off from running because of my knee which I will post about later, so that is fine. Do not withdraw from the race if you can still bike it!! :0)

~K~ said...

Yay! I don't like feeling like a quitter. I'm totally in fact, i guess that means i already did it because i biked 10 miles today! Goody!

Monika C. said...

I feel you on that hotness factor... I've been living outside Houston for 3 weeks now and I can barely run around with my friend's dog for more than 10 minutes before I want to keel over. How do you do it!

heatherlcv said...

Thanks for doing this virtual 5k - we had a great time running this morning to be part of it!