Thursday, July 21, 2011

I have been a Busy Bee

If I jump around a lot, I am sorry, just have been so busy lately. 

This week has not slowed down one bit! I have been such a busy bee that it is crazy! I am not going to post the food I have been eating lately anymore. It is so much to type, but if you are on My Fitness pal, you can see what I have been eating there. It is a great website to use if you are trying to track your calories or exercise. My husband and I both are using it and love it!

We made Taco soup the night before last with ground Turkey and it was so much better than ground meet. It was not near as greasy and just so so much better! I loved it. I have been going all week though. I went and looked at different themes for my 2nd grade classroom and found something that I like and I think the kids will like...FROGS or polkadot! I am kind of torn between the two. I am not sure what my room looks like still and I am kind of getting antsy! It is driving me crazy not knowing what I need to get or what they are giving me.

For all of you elementary teachers out there, here is a great message board that I have gotten so many different ideas from already! It is called Pro My friend gave me the website, and all the ideas she received from it, so I am excited to use it. I was on it for almost 3 hours last night just searching! The grades on the site are K-8th, so it has tons of information on it for all types of subjects. I bought a treasure chest yesterday to use for special occasions for the kids and I am trying to think of different designs I can do for it.


I have only ran once this week, but I have worked out to an old workout video that I have. I am sore today from it. It is called Prevention Fitness: Belly/Butt and Thighs. It is 10 minute clips for each section and I didn't think that I would feel anything, but I sure do feel something. I am going to do another video today. I have a lot of clothes to wash and cleaning to do today. I will be even busier next week then I was this week.

Question: Are any of you teachers out there getting really antsy? 
I am I am I am I am I am! 
I just want to get in my classroom and start planning! 


Tricia said...

clothes and cleaning are on my agenda today too

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Mm... I love taco soup with ground turkey instead of beef! Just as good, but healthier and fewer calories! :)