Sunday, July 31, 2011


I have got a TON of catching up to do on my blog! I have been nominated for 2 different awards/blogs!

Morgan at Becoming Rooks for My 7 links
Karen at Just Me and My Running Shoes for the Amazing Blogger Award.

I am so happy that I got nominated for these, but now I have a ton of catching up to do for them.

Sorry I did not post last week, but I was at training for my new teaching job and I did not have my computer with me. I was keeping up a little bit on twitter, but I was beyond busy. I was in class everyday from around 8 until 4:30. I learned so much information, but I was on an information overload most of the days. I have not seen a lot of my curriculum, so it was a little overwhelming to see what they were talking about and not have it in my hands.
It was a lot of fun and and I learned a ton of information and I actually got to work out a few days too.

I am going to do a recap from the weekend before to this past Friday, so it is going to have a ton of pictures, which as you know I love!

Before I left for my training I made a diaper cake for my best friend who is having a baby in October. It was my first time to make one and I think it came out really good for her theme/colors. Since it was my first time making it, it took me around 5 hours to make it! I was so proud of it whenever I finished. It is on my kitchen table in the middle right now. :0)

The first picture is before I put in the dowl rods and all the other fancy things that are on the second picture. I think I used close to 65-70 diapers in different sizes. I really enjoyed making the diaper cake, but now I just have to figure out how to transport it to our home town for her shower. 

That weekend our apartment complex had a pool party with free food, which called my name right away. We went down there and no only did I get a cooler full of cold water thrown on me, I got a cooler of pool water thrown on me after that as well as almost being thrown in the pool. 
****Mind you, this was all right after I finished running 2 miles on the treadmill and still had my running clothes on!**** 


After I had hot and freezing cold water thrown on me. 

After the pool party, I packed and then the next day I went to church and headed out to training. We passed by where I finished the Rock N Roll Dallas Half Marathon, so there was lots of memories coming back from that weekend.

We got to our hotel and found out that we didn't have a room, so we had to check in on Sunday, check out Monday morning and then check back in Monday evening at the same hotel. That was fun! :0/

This was the first room I had to myself. I will update later with other pictures. The room we ended up in, we had our own kitchen, bed and bathroom. It was really really nice!

I headed out to run 2 and 3 miles on two different days. Monday was starting my half marathon training for my race in December.
Tuesday evening Run. 

Wednesday evening run. 

I did some crunches on Thursday and it felt great! We were all so tired after training, but I knew if I went back to the hotel room, I wouldn't have gotten back up to go run. I knew I needed to get on a schedule again.
While I was at training, we got to eat out pretty much every night, which was extremely hard to stick to my diet, but that is okay. It is alright to take time off every once in a while. I still ran off what all I ate. haha I got to eat at Red Lobster, Macaronni gril, Pei Wei, and a little italian place that I can not remember the name of. Here is a little bit of a what I got to eat....... have your mouth water......
Pesto Bowtie Pasta
Beyond Yummy Fruit Tart! 
Chicken Parmasean (I couldn't eat all of that) :0) 
Doesn't that all look so yummy!! However, I was beyond excited to get back home and see Brian and my baby girl Milly! Brian and I didn't have any food, so we went out to eat and then found a new fro yo place to try out. (More about that later).

I had a beyond busy week and an even busier week ahead. I have so much I have to go through this week. 
I ran 3 miles yesterday and I am hoping to buy insanity workout sometime soon and start doing that for my cross training! I hope everybody else had a great weekend and an even greater weekend! I really did miss blogging, so I am happy to be back to my normal routine. 

Question: Is anybody else out there running a half this season? 
I am the RunGirl 13.1 in December. 

For you beginning teachers out there, did you ever feel overwhelmed at the beginning of the year?
Because, I sure do right now, trying to get everything taken care of!  


Karen said...

That diaper cake is SO cute!!!! Awesome job! Glad you had a good training week!

I have an ohsheglows recipe for a fruit tart that's similar looking to the one you posted! I made it a few weeks ago and it's oh so good!! :0) I'll have to send you the recipe!

Kayla said...

Thank you very much! I am very proud of my diaper cake! Please e-mail me that recipe. I love fruit tarts, especially if they are a little healthier. haha Thank you!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Your diaper cake is perfect! I need to remember that the next time I go to a baby shower. :)

Also, I totally love froyo so I look forward to hearing about this new place you found! :)