Monday, August 22, 2011

First Official Day of 2nd Grade

Today was my first official day of teaching 2nd grade! I was so excited to see my students today. I only had 6 kids, but that should grow over time! My students were amazing and so great. I am hoping that stays the same. The other day I posted pictures of what my room looked like at that time. I was up at the school late Sat. and Sunday night, but I am pretty much finished with my room. Here is what it looks like now... (Some of these pictures are sideways. Sorry about that)
Math Mania, Science and extra supplies

Front of the classroom

Center Board for now. This will change once I have my centers set in place. 

Morning Meeting/# Corner

Library Area
Other side of the room

My hoppy helpers, and student of the week. 

Discipline chart and Social Studies board

Bathroom Passes

The students cubbies! We moved these upstairs also. 
My door. It took me forever to get together! 

Frogtastic Masterpieces! They will hang their great work here! 

The walls were so bare, that I needed to add something to it! 

This is our library center. We are going to be adding books soon! 
My first day today went amazing! I loved my kids and they were so good listening to directions and what I had to tell them all day! It was fabulous! I do not even know how to put into words how great my first day of school was. I just want to thank God for all of his blessings!
My room mom gave me these amazing flowers today that were so beautiful!!!
Another mom gave all of the teachers a little jar that had our name on them. It was so cute and perfect to put candy in.
All ready for the first day of school!!! 
Overall I had an amazing first day and I love my students. tomorrow brings another day though!


Heather said...

the room looks cute!
can I tell you how incredibly lucky you are to only have SIX kids? wow! talk about individual attention! nice!

Prudence said...

Is six kids normal in your school??? What is the average class size in your school?

Kayla said...

Thank you Heather!
Prudence- Yes, the normal size for our school is around 14 in a class. We are a charter school and we strive for smaller classroom sizes. We are a charter school with private standards. I actually have 7 kids now. And hopefully I will 8 in a couple of months.

Karen said...

So glad you had a great first day!!!! :0)