Thursday, August 18, 2011

One step at a time!

This whole week I have been working on my classroom, trying to get it organized and ready for the kids! I am so beyond nervous, but also very excited about teaching these 2nd grade babies! I have gotten to meet a few of them already and they are such sweet hearts! My classroom theme is tie dye frogs and I love them! I am trying not to go to crazy with them! I have not had a chance to run this week because I have been working since early in the morning to late in the evening. Not only that, but yesterday we had to move these things.....

These tables were crazy heavy to carry every where! 

My arms and thighs are so sore! I am pretty sure I have gotten in a good workout all week. I am going to run this weekend, but nothing crazy, just a few miles to get back on track.
Here are a few pictures of my room. It is not finished yet, so please do not judge!
My door. It is finished, but I have not taken an updated picture. 
My door has a bunch more frogs on it with the kids names on it and then some cattails and lillypads on the water part! I love my door! These next few pictures are progress pictures from Tuesday till this evening.
I did not have a whiteboard or anything hung up yet! 

I had not decorations or anything up yet and my desk were driving me crazy!

A little more updated!
My pull out table! 
This is where I will do their morning meeting and math stuff. It is small, but my classroom is one of the smallest ones in the school.
My desk area. It is more clean now!
Birthdays, science board and word wall. 
Student of the week and Classroom Jobs
Discipline Chart! 
It was pretty neat! I created my discipline chart and then a lot of the other teachers modeled their discipline chart after mine!
We got Rao's Bakery cookies one day! Yummy!!!! 
I am having a great time decorating my room. It is taking a lot of time, but I love being able to decorate it since it will be my very FIRST classroom!

Classes start on Monday, and we get some of our math curriculum that day as well. Looks like I will be staying late for quite a few days to get it organized and ready for school.

On another note....I picked up Milly from the groomer and she looked so great!
She was not very happy with me for leaving her. My 4 mile run the other day had me starring straight into this.....
It was quite miserable and hot! No shade or anything. I also got my very first pair of pumas! I needed some nice tennis shoes that I did not use for running, just casual shoes....
They came in this eco friendly bag. I thought it was really neat and I love the shoes!

I have a ton more work tomorrow to do as well as a meeting and so much more to get ready for school on Monday! I hope I can get everything ready!

Question: Have you ever done strength training another way besides using weights? 
Yes, lifting over 20 HUGE tables and over 150 desk this week! :0) 


ShanMall said...

Your classroom looks GREAT!!! 2nd graders are so sweet!! Lots of luck on your first day!!

Karen said...

Great job on the room, Kayla! Love everything you've done!! :0)

Kayla said...

Thank you Shannon and Karen!! It should be completed today!

Monika @ Monika's Miles said...

You've been busy, lady! It looks like it's coming together nicely. In college I did "strength" training one summer by working a few gigs at a moving company. One of my duties was to help college freshmen load and unload all their stuff from their cars to these roller bins we had. Tough stuff for sure!