Saturday, August 27, 2011

Giveaway and Virtual 5K coming soon

Hey everybody.....This week has been crazy busy. I have had time to only pull up my computer at school, come home, eat dinner work on school stuff, go to bed and then do it again the next day. I have currently pulled 2 saturday work days at school so that I can get stuff ready and going. It is crazy. I know this first year I am practically going to live at the school.

On to the giveaway and Virtual 5K. My giveaway is going to be coming as soon as I get the items in the mail and I am very excited to do this one. I have never used this product and I can not wait to see if I like it or not! I will give you a hint.....

It is something you use on your body. :0) hehe

The next thing is that since I have been so busy, I have not been able to run as much as I want too. It is either almost dark whenever I come in from work or dark whenever I get up in the morning to go run and if I run in the morning I am going to be dead for those precious kiddos I have to teach. 


on that note. I am going to host a Back to School Virtual 5K. It will be within the next 2 weekends (not this one). Stay tuned for that, because I will be providing more details about it. 

Good luck to all my back to college people! You are all amazing and can do it!!!!!! 

I hope everybody has an amazing weekend. 

Question: Would you want to do my Back to School Virtual 5K? 
Of course I am going to do it, and have cute bibs for it too. 

Question: What do you think my giveaway is?
Remember, your hint is that it is used on your body!! hehe


Monika @ Monika's Miles said...

Fun! I've never done a virtual 5k, I might consider that :) And for your giveaway the only things I can think of that I would use on my body that's running related would be a foam roller/stick or body glide. Can't wait to see what it is!

Megan said...

Hmmm ... Body Glide? haha looking forward to the virtual 5K!

Ros said...

Count me in for another one of your virtual 5ks! Sounds like a lot of fun! As for what your giveaway is, I'm clueless. lol

ShanMall said...

YAY for the virtual 5K!!! Your homemade "bling" was the cutest one I've ever gotten =)

As for the giveaway, I'm going to say those socks that have toe slots. Long shot but it was the first thing that popped in my head. =)